SF-1A 離型劑混合機(白鐵)

SF-1A 離型劑混合機(白鐵) SF-1A 離型劑混合機(白鐵)

SF-1A 離型劑混合機(白鐵)
SF-1A Stripping Agent Mixing & Fold-Feed Machine(Stainless)

● 特性用途

  1. 本機型全採用比例式加藥機,可隨水壓的大小自動調整濃度。
  2. 本機型適用性廣泛,可作為一般性藥劑混合及特殊藥劑混合,構造簡易,維修保養之特性。

● Trait

  1. This model has used on proportionate medicine added machine. It can adjust the temperature by water pressure automatically in order to reach to the results of temperature proportions stabilized.
  2. This model can be commonly applied. It can use on both generally medic mixed.The structure is simple,and so does the maintenance.

● 規格 Specifications

泵浦 Pump 1"
使用氣壓 Pressure 6 bar
流量 Folw 135L/min
尺寸 Size 80×65×100cm
重量 Weight 60kg
電壓 Electrical Pressure 指定 Assigned