SF-5A輸送機 SF-5A輸送機 SF-5A輸送機

SF-5A 履帶式輸送機
SF-5A Transporting Belt Conveyor

● 特性用途

  1. 腳座可自行調整高低。
  2. 採鏈修傳動,不空轉。
  3. 帶面不易損壞,可單片更換。
  4. 骨架採全烤漆,履帶鍍鋅或白鐵材質,不生鏽易保養。
  5. 計時控制,可計時寸動或連續運轉。
  6. 可加裝冷卻風扇,加速產品冷卻。
  7. 側板可防止異物滲入。
  8. 尺寸規格可依客戶需要訂製。

● Product Trait

  1. The foot height can be justified.
  2. Continuously transmitted, not free spin.
  3. The pump is less breakable, and can be changed singularity.
  4. The bone frame is fully painted, and the transported belt is non-oxidized and easy maintained.
  5. Time control, can control timing or consistently operating.
  6. It can reload cooling fan, and accelerate the product cooling.
  7. The sideboard can prevent bugs or foreign substances from entering.
  8. The size specification can be special ordered by customers.